Daycations - SJC Family Fun Day

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  • For families ready to enjoy a fun and safe adventure out of the house, a trip on Metrolink to San Juan Capistrano is filled with excitement. First there’s the train ride, but there are a bunch of family-friendly activities too. All our suggested activities are within easy walking distance and can be enjoyed outside in the fresh air.

    Zoomars Petting Zoo

    Zoomars at River Street Ranch is the only petting zoo in south Orange County. They have 100 farm animals including horses, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, a llama, an alpaca, an emu and even a cow. Add to that pony rides plus mining for gold and you’ll find plenty to keep the kids entertained.

    Learn more about Zoomars

    Mission San Juan Capistrano

    Mission San Juan Capistrano is a favorite fourth grade field trip destination for children. It's a wonderful place for you to introduce your kids to an important piece Orange County's historic past. Enjoy 10-acre grounds of gardens, fountains and adobe preserved architecture.

    Key Mission details
    Open Thursday through Sunday
    9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Mission website
    Discount available

    Los Rios District

    If you cross back over the railroad tracks you'll be in the Los Rios Historic District. It is the oldest continually occupied neighborhood in the state with buildings dating to 1794. Make sure to visit the Montanez Adobe nestled in a butterfly sanctuary.

    Refreshments in Los Rios
    The Tea House on Los Rios
    Hidden House Coffee

    The train depot

    At the end of your San Juan Capistrano adventure, be sure to check out the historic train depot. It was built in 1887! Better still, plan to have lunch on the patio at Trevor’s at the Tracks and enjoy lunch while watching the trains roll by!

    Dining at the Depot!
    Trevor’s at the Tracks
    Discount available

    What to tell your kids about the swallows

    This city is known worldwide for the Cliff Swallows that return every year. They migrate from South America in the spring and summer for breeding. Legend claims they return on March 19th, but their arrival is not timed to the exact date!

    Train schedules

    We always suggest when planning your adventure to check the Metrolink train schedule to San Juan Capistrano. Both the Orange County Line and the Inland Empire Orange County Line serve this destination.

How to Get There

Everything you need to know, including train schedules and tips on buying tickets and riding Metrolink trains. Easy!

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