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Orange County is a bicycle friendly community with over 1,000 miles of bikeways.

OCTA has prioritized the advancement of active transportation in Orange County, which includes bikeways planning, safety programs and community events.

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Bicycling in Orange County

Orange County Bikeways Guide

View maps, bikeway classifications and get information on the locations of bike lockers and shops.

Bikes on Transit

If you are traveling a long distance, you can ride your bicycle to a bus stop and take a bus to your destination. Every Metrolink train can hold up to 3 bikes, and the special Bike Cars can hold up to 18 bikes.

About Bicycling in OC
The OC Loop
The Orange County (OC) Loop is a vision for 66 miles of seamless connections and an opportunity for people to bike, walk, and connect to some of California’s most scenic beaches and inland reaches.

About the oc loop
Safety Awareness

Team Up for Cycling Safety

Bike safety is everyone’s responsibility. That includes bike riders of all ages, motorists, pedestrians, and OCTA.

Working to Make OC More Bike-Friendly

OCTA is working with a variety of groups to make Orange County more bike-friendly.

Safety awareness