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OC Go Eligibility

Every year the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) determines if a local jurisdiction is eligible to receive OC Go (also known as Measure M) net revenues. A local jurisdiction must satisfy certain requirements.


Requirements to Receive Funds

OC Go funds are intended to augment, rather than replace, existing transportation expenditures and therefore local jurisdictions must meet the following requirements to receive the funds:

  • Comply with the conditions and requirements of the Orange County Congestion Management Program (CMP)
  • Establish a policy which requires new development to pay its fair share of transportation-related improvements associated with their new development
  • Adopt a General Plan Circulation Element consistent with the MPAH
  • Adopt and update a Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  • Participate in Traffic Forums
  • Adopt and maintain a Local Signal Synchronization Plan (LSSP)
  • Adopt and update biennially a Pavement Management Plan (PMP)
  • Adopt and provide an annual Expenditure Report to OCTA
  • Provide OCTA with a Project Final Report within six months following completion of a project funded with Net Revenues
  • Agree to expend Net Revenues received through OC Go within three years of receipt
  • Satisfy Maintenance of Effort (MOE) requirements
  • Agree that Net Revenues shall not be used to supplant developer funding
  • Consider, as part of the eligible jurisdiction’s General Plan, land use and planning strategies that accommodate transit and non-motorized transportation

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