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Internal Audit

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department plays an essential role in the success of operations at the Orange County Transportation Authority. 


The Department examines and evaluates the Authority’s financial, administrative and operational activities. Internal Audit supplies management and staff at all levels with information and recommendations to assist them in their control, use and management of Authority assets and operations. The Department also assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight and fiduciary responsibilities.

You’ll find contact information for all members of the Internal Audit Department in the Staff Directory.


The mission of the Internal Audit Department is to assist management and the Board of Directors in the effective discharge of their duties and responsibilities to safeguard the assets of the Authority while ensuring those assets are used in an efficient and effective manner. To this end, the Internal Audit Department serves as an independent appraisal function to examine and evaluate the Authority’s operations.


To ensure independence, the Department reports directly to the Board of Directors. On matters of an administrative nature, the Department reports to the Chief Executive Officer. The Finance and Administration Committee of the Board of Directors serves in an audit committee capacity and has primary oversight responsibilities of the Internal Audit Department.