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Bike Gap Closure Study

Bike Gap Closure Study

The Orange County Loops vision is to create seamless connections for people to bike, walk and connect to some of California’s most scenic beaches and inland reaches. The Study will evaluate enhancement opportunities for three key bikeways in Orange County: Central County Loop, South County Loop, and a Cross-County Connector. 

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With significant progress made in north Orange County (North Loop), OC Loops is now looking to create regional bikeway networks across the central and south Orange County communities through the Bike Gap Closure Feasibility Study (Study). The Study will focus on addressing the needs and abilities of cyclists of all ages and backgrounds. Based on the review of existing planning efforts, study segments will be identified and recommended to local agencies for analysis. The final report will include concepts and cost estimates for bikeways needed to complete unfinished loop segments and will position local agencies to pursue funding for project completion.


The Study will build upon and update previous regional studies that were completed between 2012 and 2016, including the OC Loop Gap Feasibility Study, which envisioned a seamless 66-mile bikeway in the northern area of the County, now known as the North Loop. The North Loop has currently achieved an 88% completion rate and has improved the quality of life for thousands of residents. The North Loop will serve as a guide for bringing this safe and traffic reducing infrastructure countywide.


Initial OC Loops Assessment April 2021
Public Engagement Fall 2021 - Winter 2023
Develop Gap Closure Recommendations Winter 2023
Final OC Loops Strategy and Report Summer 2023