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Government Relations

State and Federal Relations

The State and Federal Relations Department serves as OCTA’s liaison with Members of the California State Legislature and the United States Congress. The department is responsible for securing state and federal funding, influencing legislative and regulatory actions, and assisting in the development and execution of the OCTA Board of Directors approved legislative agendas for Sacramento and Washington D.C.. Following the adoption of the annual state and federal legislative platforms, the department works to promote transportation needs, funding priorities, and policies that enable OCTA to provide the right mix of programs and services to fit the needs of the county and maximize the return of state and federal funding to OCTA. The department works with state and federal agencies, state and national advocacy groups, transit operators, environmental advocates, labor leaders, business advocacy groups, and other industry stakeholders to advance policies, programs, industry-wide legislative and regulatory actions that benefit Orange County.

Contact State and Federal Relations Staff

Lance Larson
Executive Director, Government Relations
(714) 560-5908 |
Kristin Jacinto
Manager, State and Federal Relations
(714) 560-5754 |
Alexis Carter
Government Relations Representative
Clara Brotcke
Associate, Government Relations Representative
(714) 560-5329 |