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  • Bus Service Improvements

  • Bus Service Improvements
    Effective February 12, 2023

    The February 2023 bus service improvements consist of the implementation of the initial phase of the final service plan for the Making Better Connections Study. Changes include restructuring some OC Bus routes, improving frequency of service on some routes, and making minor schedule adjustments to improve service quality and reliability to account for changes in traffic patterns. OCTA plans to phase the deployment of Making Better Connection Study recommendations over the next 24 months, with service changes planned in February, May, August, and November of each year.

    Below is a summary of the upcoming service improvements to OC Bus. This service change will provide schedule changes that include adding new trips, new route alignments, the permanent discontinuation of Express and OC Express routes and the discontinuation of Routes 153 and 463.

    • Schedule Adjustments
      1, 25, 26, 29, 35, 37, 38, 42, 43, 47, 50, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 59, 60, 64, 66, 70, 71, 72, 79, 82, 83, 86, 90, 123, 129, 143, 543, 553, 560
    • Route Adjustment
      25, 35, 37, 43, 47, 70, 72, 79, 83, 553, 560
    • Newly Discontinued Routes 
      153, 463
    • Permanently Discontinued Routes 
      53X, 57X, 64X, 206, 213, 701, 721, 794

    For detailed route schedules call 714-636-RIDE or visit February 12 eBusbook


    Route 1:
    Weekdays: Adjust Southbound 7:17 am trip to 7:13 am trip to improve connection with Route 72 at Warner and PCH. Adjust Southbound trips to improve connection with Route 57 at Newport Transportation Center.

    Route 25:
    Weekdays: Route will be realigned to end at the Fullerton Park and Ride and will no longer serve the Buena Park Metrolink Station. Add 2 Northbound and 2 Southbound trips. Improve frequency from 55 minutes to 50 minutes.

    Weekends: Schedules adjusted to begin earlier and run later. Add 5 Northbound and 4 Southbound trips.

    Route 26:
    Weekends: Schedules adjusted to begin earlier and run later. Add 3 Northbound and 3 Southbound trips.

    Route 35:
    All Days: Route will be realigned and no longer serve Commonwealth in Fullerton.

    Route 37:
    Weekends: Add 2 Northbound and 2 Southbound trips. Discontinue Ellis Loop

    Route 42:
    Weekdays: Add new Eastbound trip at 3:30 pm for Los Alamitos High School and one Westbound trip at 7:00 am for Los Alamitos and Anaheim High Schools.

    Route 43:
    Weekends: Improve frequency from 16 minutes to 15 and 30 minutes. Add 18 Northbound and 19 Southbound trips to provide improved service with elimination of Route 543 weekend service.

    Route 47: 
    All Days: Discontinue alternate routing on Victoria Street in Costa Mesa and end route at Balboa and 23rd discontinuing service to Ocean Front and Palm in Balboa Island.

    Weekends: Add 1 Northbound and 1 Southbound trip.

    Route 56: 
    Weekdays: Adjust 5:47 am trip to 5:43 am to connect with Metrolink train ML 601 at the Orange Transportation Center.

    Route 60:
    Weekdays: Adjust route alignment to provide improved service to 7th and Channel with elimination of weekday trips previously provide by Route 560.

    Weekends: Add 3 Eastbound and 2 Westbound trips. Improve frequency from 60/30/15/30/60 minutes to 30/15/30/60 minutes.

    Route 70: 
    Weekdays: Add new Eastbound 3:24 pm and Westbound 7:15 am trips for Godinez High School. Improve frequency from 25/50 minutes to 20/40 minutes. Add 11 Eastbound and 11 Westbound trips.

    Weekends: Improve frequency from 30/60 minutes to 40 minutes.

    Route 72: 
    All Days: Route extended to Tustin Metrolink Station.

    Weekdays: Improve frequency from 31 minutes to 29 minutes. Add 2 Eastbound and 2 Westbound trips.

    Weekends: Adjust frequency from 50 minutes to 55 minutes.

    Route 79: 
    All Days: Eliminate alternate routing.

    Route 82:
    Weekdays: Add new Westbound 7:50 am trip and adjust 3:20 pm trip to 3:33 pm for Trabuco Hills High School.

    Route 83:
    All Days: Route extended to Fullerton Park and Ride.

    Route 90:
     Weekdays: Add new Northbound 3:15 pm trip for Dana Hills High School.

    Route 129: 
    Weekdays: Improve frequency from 55 minutes to 46 minutes. Add 3 Eastbound and 4 Westbound trips.

    Route 143:
    Weekdays: Improve frequency from 50 minutes to 46 minutes. Add 2 Eastbound and 2 Westbound trips.

    Route 153: 
    All Days: Route discontinued. See Routes 50, 57 and 59 for possible connections.

    Route 463:
    Weekdays: Route discontinued. See Routes 553 and 862 for possible connections.

    Route 543:
    Weekends: Discontinue weekend service. Service along route provided by Route 43.

    Route 553:
    Weekdays: Extend route to South Coast Plaza.

    Route 560: 
    Weekdays: Discontinue service to Long Beach with route ending at Locust and Main in Westminster. Service to 7th and Channel in Long Beach provided by Route 60.

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