How to Ride - Overview

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  • How to Ride

  • These simple guides and tips will make riding the bus easy!

  • 1. Plan Your Ride
    Rider tip: Show up at least 10 minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive to ensure that you have plenty of time.
  • Find Your Route

    Figure out where your trip begins and ends, then view our system map or trip planner to find the best route. Locate the intersection closest to where you want to catch the bus.

    Trip Planner

    Check Schedules

    Once you know which route you want, you need to know when the buses run on that route. You will need to view the route’s schedules (days and times it runs). If you don’t know how to use bus schedules, learn how to read the schedule. 

    Read a schedule

    How to Pay

    After you decide when to arrive at your bus stop, you need to have payment ready. You can either buy a ticket on the bus, use our mobile app, purchase by mail, phone or at an OCTA location.

    View all ways to pay
  • 2. Riding the Bus
    Rider tip: Have exact fare or use the OC Bus mobile app. You can use coins and/or dollar bills, but our fareboxes can’t make change. 
  • Check for Alerts

    Before you arrive to your bus stop, check any delays or alerts that may affect your trip.  You can view rider alerts or view system improvements to see if your route is affected. If you would like text alerts sent to you sign up for text alerts.

    Rider Tools


    The driver will not make change, so please pay with exact change.  Have your money ready before you board.  Insert your money in the fare box next to the driver as you board or swipe your pass.

    Fares and Passes

    Follow the Bus Rules

    Enjoy the bus ride and follow the basic riding rules. There are several helpful rider tips and basic riding rules to follow to keep OCTA buses running smoothly for you and others. View tips and rules for riding OCTA buses. 

    Riding Tips
  • 3. Exiting The Bus
    Rider tip: Always board through the front door. All OCTA buses are accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Signal the Driver

    Prior to reaching your destination, pull the cord OR tap the tape to alert the bus driver that your bus stop is approaching. 

    Gather Belongings

    Make sure that you don’t leave anything behind - gather your belongings and any trash that you may have.

    Exit Through the Rear

    Once the bus has stopped, exit through the rear door and continue to your final destination. Thanks for riding OC Bus!

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