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$1 Billion Milestone

Celebrating OC Go Investments in Local Streets & Roads
2011 - 2022

Orange County has some of the best streets and roads in the state thanks to OC Go, the County of Orange and cities of Orange County. From 2011 to 2022, $1 billion in tax dollars have been invested locally in streets and roads as part of promises made through OC Go. These well-maintained and improved thoroughfares contribute to the safety, quality of life and smooth, efficient travel for all, whether you drive, cycle, walk, vanpool, or take OC Bus.

The OC Go Streets and Roads Program $1 Billion Milestone Report provides additional background.

  • Freeways (43%)
  • Streets (32%)
  • Transit (25%)
  • A total of 2% of the overall OC Go Program funds is allocated to the Environmental Cleanup Program.
  • 5% of OC Go Freeway Program funds is allocated to the Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program.

What is OC Go?

OC Go, also known as Measure M, is a program funded by a 30-year one half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in Orange County from 2011 through 2041. Nearly one third, or 32 percent, of OC Go is dedicated to improving local streets and roads.
OCTA manages and distributes street and road funding to:
  • Augment, rather than replace, existing investment in local streets and roads
  • Offer a coordinated pavement management plan
  • Provide incentives to prioritize pavement maintenance
  • Attract grant funding
  • Encourage cooperation among local jurisdictions
  • Coordinate signal synchronization plans

Streets & Roads Programs

Between 2011 and 2022, $1 billion transportation OC Go sales tax dollars were invested through three programs to improve life in Orange County and its 6,500 miles of roadway.

Program O: Regional Capacity
The Regional Capacity Program provides competitive funding for improvements on Orange County's Master Plan of Arterial Highways.
  • Closes gaps in the local road network
  • Improves intersections to enhance street operations
  • Provides better interfaces with the highway system
  • Amount funded 2011-2022: $283.4 million
Santa Ana: Grand Avenue
All modes of transportation benefited by the addition of a travel lane with bus pull-outs, bike lanes, sidewalks and parkways, ADA wheelchair ramps and pedestrian push buttons.
Program P: Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization
The Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program provides competitive funding that allows a series of lights to turn green in advance of arriving traffic based on synchronized timers set to current traffic conditions and congestion levels.
  • Investments in future-proofing the system
  • 2,300 intersections coordinated covering 621 miles of streets
  • More even traffic flow and efficient system operations
  • Coordinate operations across city boundaries
  • Amount funded 2011-2022: $119.6 million
Mission Viejo: Marguerite Parkway
This project coordinated more than 30 traffic signals along the city's major north-south arterial roadway and improved traffic flow, signal network reliability and safety.
Program Q: Local Fair Share
Local Fair Share funds are distributed via formula to cities and the County to preserve existing streets and roads and provide other transportation improvements based on the priorities and infrastructure needs of local agencies.
  • Pavement improvements repair aging streets for smoother, safer travel
  • Flexible funding allows for agencies to support local transportation priorities
  • Roadway maintenance funds are supplemented to fix potholes
  • Amount funded 2011-2022: $598 million
Costa Mesa: Bristol Street
As part of this street rehabilitation project, protected bicycle lanes were installed to make this a more complete street that serves all modes of transportation.

Community Feedback

"Street improvements reduced a 20-45 minute drive to 5-10 minutes."
La Pata Extension, County of Orange
"Upgraded ADA compliant sidewalks and parkways provide a more pleasant experience for pedestrians."
Brookhurst Street Improvements, Anaheim
OC Bus

OC Go delivers on its promise to improve streets and roads and keep them in good repair to enhance the quality of life in Orange County.