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Convert Metrolink Stations into Regional Gateways

Project T

The California High Speed Rail Authority is planning for a high-speed rail system linking Northern and Southern California. OCTA is preparing for this new service with a competitive funding program made possible by Measure M2. The program will provide the necessary enhancements to connect key Orange County Metrolink stations with future high-speed rail systems.

The program aims to:

  • Convert Metrolink stations to regional gateways that connect Orange County with planned future high-speed rail systems
  • Deliver improvements that are necessary to connect planned future high-speed rail systems to stations on the Orange County Metrolink route

On Feb. 14, 2011 the OCTA board voted to amend the Project T guidelines to ensure consistency with language approved by voters in the Measure M2 ordinance.

The purpose of the program guidelines is to provide guidance to eligible agencies that apply for Project T funding. The guidelines must be consistent with language in the Measure M2 ordinance; however, they may expand and explain the intent of the program and the process for approving funding applications. The OCTA board of directors is authorized to amend or revise the guidelines as deemed appropriate.

To view the changes made to the Project T guidelines, click here for the Feb. 14, 2011 staff report.

Status: Four cities awarded nearly $89 million

A call for projects was released in January 2009 and four cities submitted applications for funding. In April 2009 the board awarded Anaheim funding through Project T and additional funding to Fullerton, Irvine and Santa Ana through Measure M transit revenue and other available funds.

Funds granted were based on numerous criteria including:

  • Future transit use
  • Financial commitment
  • Project readiness

The following cities were awarded funds:

  • Fullerton: $875,000 for the initial planning phase of a station expansion that accommodates numerous transit services, including high-speed rail and supporting retail.
  • Irvine: $2.66 million for initial planning and environmental efforts to accommodate FlyAway airport shuttle services, OCTA's planned Metrolink expansion and the planned Orange County to Los Angeles high-speed rail service.
  • Santa Ana: $3 million for environmental work to expand the Santa Ana station to include additional parking and the Santa Ana proposed streetcar system, and to determine the feasibility of infrastructure to support high-speed rail service.
  • Anaheim: $82.3 million for design, right of way, and construction of the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center project, which includes the relocation and expansion of Anaheim's Metrolink station.
Release a call for projects Jan. 26, 2009
Funding applications due Feb. 20, 2009
Partial funds awarded April 2009
Future call for projects TBD