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Market Research

Employment and Travel Survey

To understand the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic's impacts on public attitudes, working arrangements, and travel behaviors, OCTA worked with a market research firm to conduct three statistically reliable surveys. Reflecting findings from September 2022, the most recent survey is part of a series begun in July 2020 and continued in September 2021. The findings are assisting OCTA in its mission to develop an integrated and balanced transportation system that supports diverse travel needs and reflects the character of Orange County.

According to the survey, COVID-19 impacts have been substantial and certain patterns have been permanently altered.

  • The percentage of individuals employed full-time (49%), part-time (9%), or self-employed (7%) is strikingly similar to that found in 2021.
  • The percentage working from home one or more days per week settled in at 43% by September 2022, 20 points higher than February 2020’s measurement of 23%.
  • The average number of work-from-home days in September 2022 (1.49) is double pre-pandemic levels (0.76).
  • Only 54% of respondents believed their employer would allow them to continue working from home as often as they do currently.