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Employee Transportation Coordinator Support

Check out upcoming Employee Transportation Coodinator (ETC) events, review plans for promotional campaigns and download resources via the Event/Campaign Calendar in the Employer Resources.

Orange County employers that have 250 or more employees must comply with SCAQMD Rule 2202.

By encouraging employee participation in alternative transportation programs employers may benefit by receiving payroll tax deductions, financial incentives, and expanded options for their employees to get to work.

Employers appoint an Employer Transportation Coordinator(ETC) to administer corporate rideshare programs and to stay current on employer benefits for rideshare programs. OCTA conducts ETC events so representatives can stay up to date on current programs. Please note: ETC representatives must become certified through the SCAQMD.

OCTA account executives are ready to assist you with the activities described below and more.

  • Ideas for kick-off events and Rideshare fairs

  • On-site participation in Rideshare activities

  • Supplying marketing campaign materials

  • Customized bus maps, ride matching, and Metrolink schedules

  • Ongoing training and marketing support

  • Development of Customized Transportation Management Plans

Let us know how we can help. Call (714) 560-5331 or email