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We're looking after your safety…so should you!

be rail safe

Metrolink continues to work hard to ensure your safety while riding on our trains. However, it is always important for everyone to be rail safe. And that means being careful around railroad tracks and when standing on the rail platform.

Make sure you and your family is being rail safe by following the tips below!

Being rail safe means being careful around railroad tracks. Trains are cool and fun, but you have to be careful when you are around them.

  • Cross railroad tracks only at safe designated areas.
  • Look both ways before crossing!
  • Trains may not always sound their horns in quiet zones.
  • Don't walk on the tracks. It's dangerous, against the law.
  • Never play near or around railroad tracks.
  • Learn and follow railroad warning signs.
  • Don't go around or under when crossing arms are down.
Warning sign


Advance Warning and Crossbuck Signs
These signs warn you that railroad tracks are ahead. Watch out!


Stop Sign
Just like stop signs anywhere else on the road, a stop sign at a railroad crossing means, "STOP!" A car can go after it has stopped, and it is safe to proceed.

yield sign

Yield Sign 
All yield signs mean the same thing: wait for other cars, pedestrians, or, in this cars, trains to pass before going. Always wait until it is safe to cross. 

  • Trains cannot stop quickly.
  • Trains cannot swerve out of the way for people or things on the tracks.
  • Trains can weigh up to 6,000 tons! If a train were to hit a car, it would be like a car running over a soda can.
  • A train may extend three feet or more beyond the tracks.
  • Trains can come at any time.
  • Trains move in either direction at any time.
  • Trains may be very quiet and may not give any warning.

Fun and Games
Parents, it is never too early to teach your kids about rail safety. Metrolink offers special comic books and a rail safety quiz to help you make sure your children are aware of the dangers of playing around trains.

Download the activity book to do a word search, maze and more.

Rail Tales with Max & Lucy
Read the comic book that shares the adventure of our rail safe superheroes.
Cuentos de trenes con Max y Lucy
Lea el libro cómico que comparte las aventuras de nuestros superhéroes del cuidado del ferrocarril.