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OC ACCESS Same-Day Service

OCTA offers a premium Same-Day service to OC ACCESS-eligible customers.

Same-Day Service

OC ACCESS offers a premium Same-Day service to OC ACCESS-eligible riders to and/or from any address in Orange County. It's important to note that this service is not a shared-ride service or limited to providing transportation within 3/4-miles of fixed-route or rail services like OC ACCESS. Riders pay the OC ACCESS base fare of $3.60 for a five-mile ride. Any additional costs above the five (5) mile ride are paid by the OC ACCESS rider at the taxi meter rate for each additional mile.

For example, for a four-mile ride, you would pay only the OC ACCESS base fare of $3.60. For a ride eight miles long, you would pay the OC ACCESS base fare of $3.60 plus the cost of the three miles beyond what is subsidized.

The Same-Day service provides a flexible curb-to-curb transit option for immediate or local rides. When you book a ride, the call center representative will offer a pick-up time within two hours of your call and disclose the total cost for the ride. Please ensure you have the full amount ready upon boarding, as the drivers do not provide change. Failure to have the full amount may result in your ride being marked as a no-show. Additionally, OC ACCESS coupons are not accepted as payment for the Same-Day service; only exact cash or credit cards (American Express, Visa, and Master Card) are valid.

Scheduling a Same-Day Ride

The hours of operation are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week (including Holidays). To schedule a ride, contact 877-628-2232 ext. 7 or 711 for TDD.