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Fullerton Transportation Center

Completed early on, a new five-level parking structure was constructed to provide additional transit parking at the Fullerton Transportation Center for bus and rail passengers. This City-led project was completed in 2012.

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Project Overview

After completion of the new parking structure, an elevator upgrade project was initiated, utilizing leftover savings from the parking structure project. The elevator project modified the existing pedestrian bridge adding two new traction elevators, one on each side. The elevator project was completed in 2019.

Fullerton Transportation Center Elevator Upgrades

Fullerton Transportation Center Elevator Upgrades

Project Benefits

  • New multi-level parking structure with over 800 parking spaces available improving accessibility for transit riders

  • New parking structure features amenities such as bike lockers, benches, and ticket vending machines

  • Two new elevators and modernization upgrades to the existing elevators at the pedestrian bridge to provide more reliable service and easier accessibility

At a Glance

Parking Structure Project Cost
Elevator Upgrades Project Cost
Funding Source
$31.43 million $4.60 million OC Go and State Funds