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OCTA Grant To Fund Bus Shelters In San Juan Capistrano

The five busiest stops in the city are set to receive upgrades

ORANGE – The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) selected the city
of San Juan Capistrano to receive $241,500 to build five bus shelters at the highest
ridership stops in the city.

OCTA Director Pat Bates, also the 5th District county supervisor, made a presentation
announcing funding to the San Juan Capistrano City Council at its April 1 meeting.

“OCTA is very pleased that we can help fund these bus shelters that will serve so many
San Juan Capistrano residents,” said Bates. “The city’s grant request was one of only 16
throughout the county to receive funding.”

All five shelters are located close to the San Juan Capistrano Metrolink station and will
be designed to coordinate with the unique architectural character of the city. The shelters
will be well lit to enhance safety and visibility for riders and are expected to be
completed in September 2009. The city will provide an additional $108,500 for a total
project cost of $350,000.

Shelter Locations:

Northbound Camino Capistrano South of La Zanja Street
Southbound Camino Capistrano South of La Zanja Street
Northbound Camino Capistrano North of Del Obispo Street
Southbound Camino Capistrano South of Del Obispo Street
Northbound Camino Capistrano North of Acjachema Street

The money is part of the $5.3 million available by the Transportation Development Act
(TDA). OCTA is responsible for administering federal funding for TDA projects, which
are designed to make improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

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