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Travel Farther, Bring Your Bike on OC Bus

Yes, OCTA buses are very bike friendly. There is a bike rack on the front of every bus, plus you can bring a folding bike onto the bus, simply have your bike folded and ready to be taken onboard before the bus arrives. Of course, we don’t need to tell you how great it is to have a bike waiting for you at the end of your bus ride. Just imagine all the extra freedom you have!

Most OCTA buses have a bike rack on the front that can carry three bikes at a time. Bike racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If the rack is full, bikes are not permitted inside buses, except for the last trip of the day. To ensure your bike will fit into the bike rack, all bikes must fit within these acceptable specifications:

  • Wheel Size: 20 - 29 inches in diameter

  • Wheelbase: 48 inches maximum axle to axle

  • Tire Width: No more than 2.5 inches maximum

  • Bike weight: No more than 55 pounds per bike rack position

Note: E-bikes are allowed on the bike racks as long the e-bike fits the same profile as a regular bike and that it conforms to the specifications listed above. E-bikes need to fit securely on the bike rack and cannot weigh more than 55 pounds.

Tips For Taking Your Bike On The Bus

Loading your bike

  • Be prepared to load your bike when the bus approaches. Remove water bottles, pumps and other loose items.

  • Alert the coach operator that you are going to use the bike rack.

  • Load your bike from curbside in front of the bus.

  • If the bike rack is up, release it by pulling down with one hand.

  • Lift your bike onto the bike rack and fit the wheels into the proper slots.

  • Raise the support arm over the front tire. A spring will pull the arm back securely latching your bike.

Unloading your bike

  • Before the bus approaches your stop, tell the coach operator that you will be removing your bike.

  • From curbside in front of the bus, raise the support arm off the tire.

  • Lift your bike out of the rack.

  • Fold up the rack if no one will be using it. The rack will automatically lock in place.

  • Step away from the bus with your bike.

Points to remember

  • Never walk or stand in front of oncoming traffic while loading or unloading your bike.

  • The coach operator may not leave the bus to help load or unload bicycles.

  • The bike racks are easy to use. You can load or unload your bike in less than 20 seconds.

  • The bike nearest the bus can be unloaded without removing the front bike.

  • The bike rack touches only the rubber tires and will not scratch or damage your bike.

Please remember to ride safely. For safety tips, a bikeways map, and other resources, visit our Bike section.