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Government Relations

Regional Initiatives

The Regional Initiatives Department serves as the liaison between OCTA and Orange County cities, the County of Orange, other special districts and Southern California's regional stakeholders charged with active coordination of planning efforts related to local and regional transportation initiatives. Working with all Orange County local jurisdictions and regional partners, this function coordinates the integration of policies and projects from the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) with Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, and San Diego Counties. OCTA participates in a number of transportation-related initiatives within the two Metropolitan Planning Organizations in Southern California -- the Southern California Association of Government and the San Diego Association of Governments. These initiatives address key multicounty mobility and coordination issues including the movement of goods from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach through the region including Orange County; development of regional policies for operation and management of carpool and/or managed lanes; and implementation of sub-regional programs, such as the Four Corners Study. The objective is to ensure inter-county cooperation on transportation proposals facilities and advocacy for Orange County interests and priorities. The Regional Initiatives Department is in lock-step with OCTA’s state and federal initiatives, helping to facilitate, promote, develop, and implement OCTA’s priorities, programs, projects, and services. The success of this effort is tied to constant communication with Orange County agencies as they consider various transportation issues locally.

Goals: Fiscal Year 2016-17

  • Implement city outreach activities with OCTA Board of Directors and executive management regarding the M2 Program, increase awareness of OCTA local agency grant programs.
  • Initiate county-wide Active Transportation Plan to consolidate regional bikeway plans and prioritize regional pedestrian projects.
  • Encourage the use of OCTA’s programs and services while ensuring transparency and accountability to the public through comprehensive, proactive communication efforts.

Accomplishments: Fiscal Year 2015-16

  • Engaged in briefings with city elected officials and staff on each of OCTA’s active construction projects.
  • Supported OCCOG Board of Directors and Executive Director per administrative agreement.
  • Delivered on the environmental promises of Measure M by embracing policies and practices to promote environmental sustainability. The OCTA Environmental Cleanup Program was awarded the 2015 Sustainability Award by the Southern California Association of Governments. The award recognizes projects that coordinated land use and transportation to improve mobility, livability, prosperity, and sustainability in Southern California.