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Government Relations

Executive Director

Lance Larson

The Executive Director of Government Relations provides management direction to Federal, State, Regional and Local Government relations staff, as well as the Federal Grants Compliance department, while developing programs within OCTA and implementing the policy directives as articulated by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director is responsible for overall programs and activities of the authority’s Legislative and Intergovernmental Programs. Provides oversight to the annual legislative program including reviewing, tracking, analyzing, and coordinating advocacy efforts on legislation and regulatory proposals that affect how the authority receives funding, plans for projects, and delivers services. Represents the authority to local, regional and national government officials, public agencies, transit and transportation associations, private sector organizations, and representatives to coordinate legislative, administrative, regulatory, public outreach and governmental activities. Supervises authority's internal and contracted legislative advocacy firms at the local, state and federal level. Provides oversight to the overall programs and activities of the authority’s grants compliance program that strategically seeks and obtains federal, state and local grant funds for transportation and infrastructure improvements. The Executive Director and staff actively seek OCTA Executive Management and OCTA Board Member participation where appropriate in advancing its mission.