Completed Studies - LOSSAN Grade Separations

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  • LOSSAN Grade Separations

  • OCTA owns over 40 miles of operating railroad right-of-way in Orange County along the Los Angeles – San Diego – San Luis Obispo (LOSSAN) rail corridor.  In 2005, OCTA completed the Orange/Olive Grade Crossing Study, which presented a ranking of 51 at-grade rail-highway crossings (grade crossings) along the LOSSAN rail corridor, including both the Orange and Olive subdivisions.  The ultimate goal of the grade crossing program would be to provide as many grade separations as feasible to replace grade crossings, considering available funding, cost, and community impacts.  Construction of grade separations will significantly improve safety, operations, and traffic flow for both vehicles and trains.

    In close coordination with the Cities, OCTA funded and developed the Project Study Report Equivalent (PSRE) for five railroad grade separations.  The PSRE provides the initial scope and alternatives for each project that includes costs. The following two projects are ready to enter the project report and environmental document phase:

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