Daycations - Buena Park - Medieval Times

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  • Sometimes one needs to see a bit of jousting and fancy horsemanship on a weekend afternoon! A ride on Metrolink to the Buena Park Station can put you in the thick of things soon enough. An adventure to Medieval Times is a fun way to escape from the day-to-day and step into a fantasy world of noble knights, beautiful horses and a bit of melodrama thrown in over a delicious dinner!

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    Medieval Times Matinee

    Revel in the ultimate contest of honor and showmanship when the 11th century comes alive as you explore the castle and become fully immersed into Medieval Spain. Come prepared for more than a show, there are shops filled with treasures and trinkets to commemorate your visit or you can take a tour of the Torture Museum. Medieval Times offers dinner shows and weekend matinees—perfect for Metrolink Daycations!

    Details and showtimes.

    Getting there

    Medieval Times is 2.5 miles from the Buena Park Metrolink Station. You can use ride share or take OC Bus Route 25 from the station and transfer to Route 29 at Beach Boulevard.

    Train schedule

    The Metrolink train schedule to the Buena Park Station gives you plenty of time to make your way to and from a matinee at Medieval Times. However, please check train schedules in advance since some departures are soon after the end of the show.

    Before and afterwards

    There are some fun things to catch when in the area. Be sure to add some time to your day trip to visit the shops at nearby Knott's Berry Farm or bring something yummy back from Portos Bakery and Cafe.

    Portos Bakery and Cafe
    Mrs. Knotts Farm Bakery
    Knott's California Marketplace
    The PEANUTS Headquarters

    The train station

    The Buena Park station is located near the intersection of Dale Street and Artesia Avenue in Buena Park. It is within easy reach of Knott's Berry Farm, The Source OC and other entertainment venues.

    Bikes on Metrolink

    Yes, you can bring your bikes on Metrolink. We even have a special car dedicated to bike storage. It is typically the third passenger car and is clearly marked. Please review Metrolink's bike guidelines.

    Train schedules

    We always suggest when planning your adventure to check the Metrolink train schedule to the Buena Park Station. Both the Orange Line and 91/Perris Valley Line serve this station.

How to Get There

Everything you need to know, including train schedules and tips on buying tickets and riding Metrolink trains. Easy!

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