Youth Program - OCTA Teen Council

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  • OCTA Teen Council

  • The OCTA Teen Council offers high school students an opportunity to learn about transportation-related projects. Members focus on building leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.

  • What is the OCTA Teen Council?

    The OCTA Teen Council consists of Orange County high school students who have applied and been selected to serve as a member on the council for a one year term. Throughout the year, Teen Council members will engage in transportation-related discussions and projects with OCTA staff and their peers. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to:

    • Share insights on emerging trends
    • Build leadership and teamwork skills
    • Enhance critical thinking and communications skills
    • Engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and take part in projects
    • Enhance their professional development and leadership skills
    • Participate in community service

    Making a Difference Today

    The Teen Council holds monthly meetings, and members will be introduced to OCTA projects covering diverse subjects that affect transportation decisions in Orange County. These include land use, environmental equity and impact, transportation planning, funding, legislation, marketing, ridesharing and transit modes. Students also will have the opportunity to take part in workshops that will help them with professional development.

    How to Apply

    The Teen Council Program will resume in Fall 2023.

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