Doing Business With OCTA - Unsolicited Proposals

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  • Unsolicited Proposals

  • The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) may accept unsolicited proposals as written submissions, for the purpose of obtaining innovative and unique methods and procedures. Unsolicited p roposals may be submitted by the private sector, academic institutions and non-governmental agencies. 

    An unsolicited proposal is submitted  for the purpose of developing a partnership and/or obtaining a contract that is not in response to a current, recent or anticipated request for proposals or bids.  An unsolicited proposal should be for an innovative and unique concept, service or product.  The unsolicited proposal should be prepared and submitted without supervision or direction by OCTA personnel.

    To learn about OCTA’s Unsolicited Proposal policy, click here

    How to Submit

    An unsolicited proposal may be submitted by U.S. Postal Service or hand delivered to the following address:

    Orange County Transportation Authority
    550 South Main Street
    P.O. box 14184
    Orange, CA 92863-1584

    If you have questions, please email us at

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