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The Many Ways We Move You. Annual Report 2013 OCTA


Measure M, Orange County’s half-cent transportation sales tax, continues to make a significant difference in the lives of residents who benefit every day from improvements on freeways, streets and roads, and the transit system.

Voters first approved Measure M in 1990 for a 20-year period. Their trust was rewarded by more than $4 billion in transportation improvements, including adding 192 freeway lane miles, improving 170 intersections and 38 freeway interchanges, and implementing Metrolink service in Orange County. After experiencing 20 years of success and progress, voters renewed the sales tax for transportation improvements in 2006 for another 30 years.

Even though economic conditions have changed considerably since voters extended the half-cent sales tax, OCTA continues to deliver improvements by leveraging funds and taking advantage of competitive construction costs. Promises made have been kept and improvements are often delivered earlier than expected. This past year was the first full-year implementation of the $5 billion M2020 Plan, which outlines projects and programs for all modes that can be delivered or are underway on an expedited schedule between now and 2020. OCTA is on track and is making progress on the 14 identified objectives outlined throughout this report. With key projects such as additional freeway lanes, synchronized traffic lights and improved transit connections realized this fiscal year, Measure M keeps Orange County moving.