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Bolsa Chica Off-Ramp Relocated Wednesday

Southbound I-405 Bolsa Chica off-ramp now located off of I-405 mainline
Feb. 6, 2012
ORANGE – As early as Wednesday, Feb. 8, weather permitting, the southbound I-405 Bolsa Chica off-ramp will be accessed from the I-405 mainline.

Currently, the southbound I-405 Bolsa Chica Road off-ramp is accessed from the southbound I-405 to eastbound SR-22 connector. Once the off-ramp is relocated, drivers wishing to access the Bolsa Chica off-ramp will need to stay to the left on the I-405, passing underneath the southbound I-405 / eastbound SR-22 connector. This new off-ramp configuration is permanent and will remain in place.

In addition, the southbound I-405 to eastbound SR-22 connector has been temporarily reduced from three to two lanes while it is being reconstructed to accommodate the new westbound SR-22 to northbound I-405 carpool connector.

The adjustment is likely to cause delays Wednesday morning while drivers get used to the new off-ramp and connector configurations.

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