Doing Business With OCTA - Overview

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  • Doing Business with OCTA

    Doing Business

    The Contracts Administration and Materials Management Department (CAMM) of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) conducts all purchasing activities for OCTA. CAMM develops and issues solicitations for all goods, inventory items, consultant and professional services, and public works (construction) projects. The Contract Administrators employed in CAMM are responsible for these purchasing activities and are the primary point of contact for vendors.

    The Contract Administrator conducts pre-proposal or pre-bid meetings to discuss and clarify the OCTA’s requirements. In addition, the Contract Administrator negotiates contract terms, meets with vendors to resolve contractual differences and issues amendments to existing contracts. The Contract Administrator is also available to meet with a firm whose proposal was not selected to debrief them on their proposal’s strengths and weaknesses. CAMM’s staff makes every effort to obtain the maximum value for each dollar expended, considering the factors of price, quality, applicability, availability, support service, pertinent laws and regulations. CAMM’s staff also ensures that performance satisfaction is obtained by working closely with OCTA project managers to develop specifications that are detailed and clearly written, yet are sufficiently broad to promote competition among many vendors. OCTA purchases are made in two competitive ways.

    1. Informal Solicitations - Requirements $50,000 or less
    2. Formal Solicitations - Requirements over $50,000

    Procurement Process and Opportunities
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    Purchase Orders and Contracts
    Purchase orders or contracts are issued after an award is made to the successful firm. A copy of the signed document will be sent to the firm. The firm and OCTA are contractually bound to the terms and conditions of the signed document.

    DBE Program
    Click here to find out more about OCTA and its DBE Business Programs.

    Becoming a Vendor
    For more information visit Camm Net.

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