Long Range Transportation Plan

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  • Long Range Transportation Plan

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    Marissa Espino

    Community Relations Officer

    (714) 560-5607
  • Background

    OCTA updates the LRTP about every four years. The multi-modal projects and programs included are the basis for the Southern California Association of Governments’ Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The LRTP provides a visionary blueprint for transportation improvements for Orange County and input into the development of the RTP.

    The general goals of the LRTP are to assess the performance of the transportation system over a 20+ year horizon, and to identify the projects that best address the needs of the system based on expected population, housing and employment growth, while taking forecast financial assumptions into account at the same time. The LRTP will provide both a financially constrained plan, which takes into account funding limitations, and an unconstrained plan, which contains a vast array of potential improvements should additional funding sources become available. The LRTP, which looks out to the year 2040, will focus on:

    • Demographic changes and market forces, including projected population and employment growth in the region.
    • The introduction of emerging technologies, including connected infrastructure, Transportation Network Companies and autonomous and electric vehicles.
    • Influence from state and federal policies, including the need to meet challenging emission standards.
    • The unpredictability of transportation funding programs.

    In addition, because vacant land adjacent to freeways is scarce, there are few opportunities for significant freeway expansion beyond what is already planned through Measure M. Therefore, future transportation projects will focus on improving the efficiency of the existing system to accommodate the growing travel demand. Proposed solutions include enhancing mass transit, ridesharing and utilizing managed lanes.


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