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  • Measure M2 (2011-2041)

  • Success of Measure M1 Sets Stage for M2

    Measure M1 delivered $4 billion worth of transportation improvements between 1990 and 2011. Through early action and capitalizing on financial opportunities, more than $1.2 billion in additional funds were leveraged for M1 improvements. After experiencing the success and progress of M1, nearly 70% of Orange County voters renewed the half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in November 2006 for another 30 years. By the year 2041, the Measure M Transportation Investment Plan (M2) program plans to deliver approximately $14.2 billion* worth of transportation improvements to Orange County. Major improvement plans target Orange County freeways, streets and roads, transit and environmental programs.

    M2 Transportation Investment Plan

    The list below features a balanced plan with specific projects and programs identified by letters A-X. Click on projects below for more information.

    A I-5 Improvements between SR-55 and SR-57
    B I-5 Improvements between SR-55 and El Toro "Y" Area
    C I-5 Improvements south of El Toro “Y” Area to Avenida Pico  
    D I-5 Interchange Improvements (5)  
    E SR-22 Access Improvements (3 Interchanges)
    F SR-55 Improvements between I-5 to SR-91
    G SR-57 Improvements between Orangewood Avenue and Tonner Canyon Road
    H SR-91 Improvements between I-5 and SR-57
    I SR-91 Improvements between SR-57 and SR-55
    J SR-91 Improvements between SR-55 and Orange/Riverside County Line
    K I-405 Improvements between I-605 and SR-73
    L I-405 Improvements between SR-55 and I-5
    M I-605/Katella Avenue Interchange Improvements
    N Freeway Service Patrol
    Street & Roads
    O Regional Capacity Program
    P Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program
    Q Local Fair Share Program
    R High Frequency Metrolink Service
    S Transit Extensions to Metrolink
    T Convert Metrolink Station(s) to Regional Gateways
    U Expand Mobility Choices for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
    V Community Based Transit/Circulators
    W Safe Transit Stops
    A-M Freeway Mitigation Program
    X Environmental Cleanup

    Measure M Next 10 Delivery Plan

    The Measure M Next 10 Delivery Plan (Next 10 Plan) outlines more than $6 billion in transportation improvements, promised to the voters in M2, that are planned to be completed or under way by 2026. This comprehensive plan ensures the Measure M2 Investment Plan in its entirety can be delivered as promised to the voters despite changing economic impacts and revenue shortfalls. Learn more

    M2 Sales Tax Forecast

    In 2005 when Measure M2 was being developed, the revenue forecast at that time assumed M2 would generate $24.3 billion during the 30-year program. With the economic downturn at the lowest point in 2010, the forecast had dropped to $13.7 billion. This was a 44% drop in anticipated revenue. The economy has since picked up, and the current forecast as of March 31, 2016 is now showing revenue at $14.2 billion (39% drop) over the life of the program. The most recent Sales Tax Forecast report provided to OCTA’s Board of Directors can be found on the M2 Documents and Reports page.

    M2 Funding Allocation

    The collection of sales tax revenue for the first Measure M (M1) ended on March 31, 2011 and began for the extended Measure M (M2) on April 1, 2011. M2 is infusing $14.2 billion* of investments in Orange County's transportation system with improvements designed to reduce traffic congestion, increase mobility and improve our quality of life by:

    • Upgrading freeways and fixing major freeway interchanges
    • Maintaining streets and roads and synchronizing traffic signals countywide
    • Building a visionary, integrated transit system
    • Protecting our environment from the oily street runoff that pollutes Orange County beaches
    • Mitigating freeway impacts by protecting open space while streamlining the permitting process.
    *Estimate based on 3/31/16 Sales Tax Forecast

    Keeping M2 Accountable

    As with the first 20 years in M1, M2 is focused on improving the transportation system and requiring stringent taxpayer safeguards including a Taxpayers Oversight Committee, mandatory annual audits and regular, public reports on project progress. An independent performance assessment must be conducted every three years. Additionally, every 10 years, a detailed review of the investment plan must take place to evaluate the overall performance of the program against any changes which may have taken place to see if any amendments are necessary to improve performance. Completed assessments are available on the M2 Documents and Reports page.


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