Street Improvement Projects

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  • Street Improvement Projects

  • In March 2011 Measure M officially came to a close with a majority of projects complete, and the few outstanding nearing completion. Measure M included the regional streets and roads component comprised of smart streets, regionally significant interchanges, intersection improvements, signal coordination and transportation demand management. The local streets and roads component included the master plan of arterial highways and growth management areas.

    OCTA Continues to Administer Street Improvement Funding

    In 2006 voters renewed Measure M (M2) funding for another thirty years. OCTA is responsible for planning and coordinating county regional transportation, while local agencies usually oversee roadway improvement construction and maintenance. OCTA administers the Combined Transportation Funding Program (CTFP), a collection of competitive grant programs offered to local agencies to assist in funding street improvements, transit expansion, and even environmental mitigation projects. Comprised primarily of Measure M (M2) funds, the CTFP can also include state/federal funding sources such as the Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) and supplemental State-Local Partnership Program (SLPP) funds.

    The CTFP includes the Regional Capacity Program (RCP) and the Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program (RTSSP) which are dedicated to improving intersections, freeway interchanges, local streets and roads, and regional signal coordination.  OCTA issues an annual call for projects to utilize M2 and any available state/federal funds for the RCP and RTSSP.

    The RCP is composed of three funding programs:

    • Arterial Capacity Enhancements (ACE)
    • Intersection Capacity Enhancements (ICE)
    • Freeway Arterial/Streets Transitions (FAST)

    See more information on signal synchronization.

    How are these funds used?

    This interactive map makes it easy to find out. It is an interactive gateway to some of the many projects and improvements that contribute to Orange County’s continually evolving transportation system. You can view all CTFP roadway projects funded by M2. By clicking on a project, you can view details including the title, status, M2 funding amount and description. Refine your research by turning certain programs on and off. Pick an agency name (includes cities) and the map will zoom in and show only projects related to that agency.

    Having trouble viewing the map, click here.


    OCTA staff continues to work with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to include all regionally significant projects in the Regional Transportation Improvement Plan (RTIP). Each local agency must fulfill an annual eligibility process and have a current cooperative agreement with OCTA in order to receive renewed Measure M funds. All projects approved by the Board will be incorporated into amended cooperative agreements with the affected agencies.

    OCTA staff will continue to monitor project status and project delivery through the semi-annual review process. Reports on project adjustments are brought to the Board for review twice each year.

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