Anaheim Canyon Station Project

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  • Anaheim Canyon Station Project

  • Background Information

    The proposed Anaheim Canyon Station project, is being undertaken to meet current transit demand and to provide for growth requirements through 2035 and beyond. Specifically, OCTA proposes to construct a second station track and platform to allow more than one train to serve the station and/or pass through the station area at a time. This will increase the on time performance and safety of the train operations. The project will also include fully ADA compliant improvements to the pedestrian circulation elements at the station and possible parking expansion. Key elements of the project include:

    • Construct approximately 3,400 linear feet of new siding track (2nd track) to the west of the existing single track.
    • Construct improvements to the existing at-grade crossings of East La Palma and Tustin to accommodate the new 2nd track; including new street improvements, relocation of existing railroad signal warning devices, and installation of pedestrian safety improvements.
    • Extend the existing 510 foot long station platform to meet the current required Metrolink standard platform length of 680 feet to allow commuter rail service for train consists of up to eight passenger cars.
    • Construct a new 680 foot long second platform and associated facilities on the west side of the tracks.
    • Upgrades to parking lot to meet ADA compliance and parking demand as deemed necessary in subsequent studies as part of the scope of work as described herein.
    • Study potential surface parking expansion opportunities and implement solutions as feasible to meet commuter needs.

    Project Benefits

    By adding a second track, the project would eliminate the need for trains to wait to enter the Station area or to pass a train stopped at the Station.  This project will provide a second station platform and expansion of the station facilities as necessary to support the growth of commuter rail service through 2035 and beyond.  The project is expected to have overall positive operational impacts on regional air quality. Improving rider satisfaction, reliability and reducing travel times encourages train ridership and thereby reduces the number of vehicles that might otherwise travel on the roadway system.

    This project will have the following positive benefits for the provision of rail service:

    • Improve Operational Reliability – Schedule reliability on the IEOC Line will be improved by the provision of the new second track. The double track section will allow two trains to serve the Station at a time and will allow trains to make passes without the need for stopping; thereby improving schedule reliability by reducing delays.
    • Improve Air Quality - The project will benefit transportation and circulation within the surrounding freeway and roadway system by improving public transit facilities and by facilitating interstate commerce. Providing alternate methods of transportation for both people and goods encourages the reduction of vehicles that might otherwise travel on the roadway system, reducing vehicular exhaust.
    • Increase Capacity – The passing track will provide both train dispatchers and operations planners with additional train routing options as compared to the current configuration. This will result in a greater ability to meet changing operational requirements as they occur during day-to-day operations.

    Project Status

    A Request for Proposals will be issued in April 2015 for the preliminary design and environmental clearance phase of the project.

    Project Manager & Publications

    For more information, please contact the Anaheim Canyon Improvements Project Manager, Lora Cross 714-560-5788 or

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