I-405 (SR-73 to I-605)

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  • The I-405 Design-Build contract was awarded by the OCTA Board of Directors to OC 405 Partners, on Nov. 14, 2016. To view the staff report, click here

  • Project Overview

    OCTA in cooperation with The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is widening the San Diego Freeway (I-405) between State Route 73 (SR-73) and Interstate 605 (I-605).The project will improve 16 miles of I-405 between the SR-73 freeway in Costa Mesa and I-605 near the L.A. County line. The project includes adding one regular lane in each direction from Euclid Street to I-605 and making improvements to freeway entrances, exits and bridges. It also will construct the 405 Express Lanes, two lanes in each direction from SR-73 to I-605. The new express lanes – incorporating the existing carpool lanes and connectors that opened in 2014 – will give solo drivers the choice to speed up their commute for a toll, and carpoolers may ride in the lanes for free.
  • The general purpose lane portion of the project is a Measure M (Orange County’s half-cent transportation sales tax) project and will be funded by a combination of local, state and federal funds, with the express lanes portion of the project financed and primarily paid for by those who choose to pay a toll and use the 405 Express Lanes.

    Because of the high demand for the I-405 and the need to stay within the existing right of way, the project cannot provide enough additional lanes to eliminate congestion.  The 405 Express Lanes, however, will provide a fast, stress-free travel option. Because the amount of traffic in the 405 Express lanes will be optimized by raising and lowering tolls in response to traffic demand, the 405 Express Lanes will be more predictable and move more vehicles per lane during peak periods than the regular, general purpose lanes. Solo drivers in the 405 Express Lanes will pay the full toll and carpools are anticipated to be offered discounts or free travel. The toll policy has not been finalized yet but it will be designed to provide customers with a safe, reliable, congestion-free commute.  The 405 Express lanes will offer people a choice to travel faster when they absolutely need to.

    In 2040, it’s expected to take 29 minutes to travel during rush hour from SR-73 to I-605 in the general purpose lanes after improvements to the I-405 are complete. That commute can be reduced to 13 minutes if a driver chooses to take the 405 Express Lanes. 

    OCTA Board Voted to Lead Full I-405 Project

    The Orange County Transportation Authority Board of Directors will maintain local control of the I-405 Improvement Project after voting on April 27, 2015 to take the lead on implementing both the general-purpose lane promised in Measure M and the express lanes, which will speed up travel for everyone in the corridor.

    Soundwalls and Property Acquisitions

    There are many soundwalls that will be reconstructed or added as a part of the I-405 Improvement Project. Soundwalls reduce the level of freeway noise, but do not eliminate it. For more information on soundwalls click here.

    For property owners that were surveyed during the soundwall survey process, please click here to view a copy of the Noise Barrier Survey Report. Other soundwalls, such as replace-in-kind soundwalls, have been identified in the approved Noise Study Report (NSR) and amendments to the NSR available below:

    Noise Abatement Decision Report (Sept 2011)
    Noise Study Report (June 2011)
    Noise Study Report Amendment 1 (May 2012)
    Noise Study Report Amendment 3 (Jul 2014)
    Supplemental Noise Abatement Decision Report (Dec 2014) 


    As part of the project, there are no full property acquisitions; there are some locations along the 16-miles of the project where we require temporary construction easements (TCE’s) or partial acquisitions.

    If you have further questions regarding these matters, please contact Christina Byrne, Community Outreach Manager, by calling (714) 560-5717 or by email 405project@octa.net.  

    I-405 Schedule

    There are several short-term and long-term steps that will be taken by OCTA staff, many of which require Board action.



    Board Action

    Design Build Contractor award

    Nov. 14, 2016


    Secure financing



    Design Build Contractor Notice to Proceed (NTP)1

    January 2017


    Design Build Contractor NTP 2

    May 2017


    Design and build Project



    Express Lanes Open



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