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Transit Extensions to Metrolink

chartsMetrolink rail service provides another convenient travel option for Orange County residents. As more and more people use Metrolink, it is important that passengers have a convenient way to get to their final destination after getting off a train.

Measure M2 Project S, known as Transit Extensions to Metrolink, is providing funding to connect people between a Metrolink station and activity and employment centers throughout the county.

Two types of projects are being funded through Project S: fixed-guideways and bus and station vans.


There are currently two fixed-guideway projects being planned: the Santa Ana/Garden Grove Streetcar and the Anaheim Rapid Connection (ARC). The cities of Santa Ana and Anaheim have each served as lead agency for their respective fixed-guideway projects during the planning process. The projects have both undergone alternatives analysis and are awaiting environmental clearance. OCTA is working closely with the cities to ensure compliance with all state and federal requirements.

Santa Ana - Garden Grove Streetcar

The Santa Ana - Garden Grove Streetcar project will travel along an east-west corridor between the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center (SARTC) and a new multi-modal transit hub at Harbor Boulevard/Westminster Boulevard in Garden Grove. For more information on this project, please click here.

Anaheim Rapid Connection (ARC)

The Anaheim Rapid Connection (ARC) is planned to link the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) Anaheim’s major employment and activity centers including the Platinum Triangle, and the Anaheim Resort and the Anaheim Convention Center.

In October 2012, the city selected an at-grade streetcar system as its locally preferred alternative (LPA).

In July 2013, the OCTA Board approved the completion by the City of Anaheim of two key project milestones: the alternatives analysis and adoption of the LPA by the Anaheim City Council. The Board also approved the City of Anaheim to advance into the next project milestone which is completion of a draft environmental document for its LPA.

Additionally, the Board directed that the development of the ARC LPA provides for compatibility with the proposed Santa Ana/Garden Grove Streetcar project and that OCTA work with the City of Anaheim to develop cost containment strategies to reduce the cost of its LPA.

For more information about the Anaheim Rapid Connection, visit the project's website or call the hotline at (800) 700-1999.


Up to $1 million is available for operating costs annually for local cities to implement bus and station van concepts.

A call for projects was released in March 2012 and two projects were awarded funds for fiscal year 2012/2013. The City of Anaheim was awarded $444,888 for bus purchase and operations and maintenance through fiscal year 2014/2015. In addition, Lake Forest was awarded $60,467 to purchase station vans.

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