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 California High-Speed Rail Project
The California High Speed Rail Authority is planning a high-speed train system linking major metropolitan areas of California. Like many existing high-speed train systems around the world, the 800-mile project is planned to be electric-powered and move passengers at speeds in excess of 200 mph across the state.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report is anticipated to be released in fall 2012, at which time the public will have an opportunity to comment on the project.

For more information on the project, visit, call (877) 724-5422 or e-mail

High-Speed Rail in Orange County
OCTA is working with the California High Speed Rail Authority and cities along the corridor in Orange County to ensure the project is constructed in a way that provides a maximum benefit to commuters, while remaining sensitive to the surrounding communities.

In March 2012, the OCTA Board of Directors approved a resolution that supports working with the California High Speed Rail Authority to implement a blended approach from Anaheim to Los Angeles.

A blended approach significantly reduces community impacts in Orange County through investments that integrate current rail service with high-speed trains. The recently adopted CHSRA 2012 Business Plan includes the Los Angeles Union Station to Anaheim segment as part of the Full Phase 1 build out.

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