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San Clemente

San Clemente

Beach Day Getaway (Pier Station)

Escape the summer heat and head to the beach. This itinerary encouranges you to enjoy a lazy day in San Clemente while providing some cool spots to get refreshments while getting that perfect tan.


  1. Stake your claim to a great spot on the beach. Don't worry, there's plenty of sun and sand. Plus the beach is only a few steps from the station!

  2. Next, select some beach provisions at The Pier Shack. You know you'll get hungry. Thankfully "The Shake" is within an easy walk. 

  3. Break for lunch at The Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar at the base of the pier or the Pierside Kitchen & Bar just across Avenida Victoria.

  4. Escape the sun for a cool treat at Ice Cream & Coffee Bistro, across from the Metrolink station on Avenida Victoria. The perfect way to end your day of catching rays!

  5. Look for cool destination deals in San Clemente on our deals page.

Arriving By Train

San Clemente has two beachide stations, Pier and North Beach. Make sure to check your destination carefully when planning your trip.

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Get A Discount

A number of shops, restaurants and historic sites offer discounts to those who take Metrolink. Be sure to explore all the deals while planning your trip!

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How To Ride

Download the Metrolink Mobile Ticketing App. Or use any ticket vending machine (TVM) at any Metrolink station with weekend service to spend the best $10 ever.

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