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Historic Olvera Street

Los Angeles

Historic Olvera St

Travel back to 1781 and the beginnings of Los Angeles at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument, now known as Olvera Street. Must do: Get a French dipped sandwich at Phillipe’s.


  1. Take a moment to visit L.A. Union Station. On your way to Olvera Street, enjoy the historic charm of this much-photographed railroad station!

  2. Cross Alameda Street and take a moment to spend time at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument. The park and monument mark the beginning of Olvera Street.

  3. Stroll Olvera Street and enjoy the shops, painted stalls, cafes, and festive carts at this thriving Mexican marketplace. Created in 1930, many of the merchants are descended from the original vendors.

  4. Get a delicious (and famous) French diipped sandwich at  Phillppe’s just a couple of blocks north on Alameda from Olvera Street at Ord Street. Show your Metrolink ticket and save!

  5. For the train ride home, stop at Barista Society for some coffee and something sweet like their strawberry Nutella cronut.  And there's a Starbucks just inside the main entrance.

  6. Look for cool destination deals in Los Angeles on our deals page.

Arriving By Train

An iconic landmark, Union Station is a bustling transportation and cultural hub featuring Art Deco, Streamline Moderne and Mission Revival architecture. Gateway to LA and beyond with many rail, bus, and subway connections.

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A number of shops, restaurants and historic sites offer discounts to those who take Metrolink. Be sure to explore all the deals while planning your trip!

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How To Ride

Download the Metrolink Mobile Ticketing App. Or use any ticket vending machine (TVM) at any Metrolink station with weekend service to spend the best $10 ever.

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