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The Ocean Side


Discover the Ocean Side of Oceanside

Of course, a trip to Oceanside wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the beach. Walk along the shoreline or explore on two wheels, nothing beats a day playing in the sunshine! All of this fun in the sun is probably making you hungry, stop for lunch at a local hangout, and then continue your adventures!


  1. You saw the Pacific Ocean as you cruised into the station, now make your way to the beach to feel the salty cool air on your face. The Oceanside Pier and Pier Amphitheatre are a hub of activity and a must-see during your visit.

  2. Rent a bike or surrey from Wheel Fun Rentals and cruise along The Strand, taking in the awesome coastal views.

  3. Hungry? Don’t fret! Downtown Oceanside is a beacon for food lovers. From international fair, farm-to-table delights, and American Classics- there is a plethora of dining experiences to be had. Have sand on your toes? No Worries! Oceanside prides itself on having “flip-flop fine dining,” which means great food and a welcoming atmosphere.

  4. After a day of fun and now a full belly, relax in the afternoon by taking a leisurely walk along the beach or stroll out along Oceanside Pier. How many surfers can you spot out in the water?

  5. Grab a coffee from one of the delectable downtown coffee shops before heading back home on the Metrolink.

  6. Look for cool destination deals in Oceanside on our deals page.

Arriving By Train

Clean, breezy and close to the action, the Oceanside Transit Center connects to Metrolink, Amtrak, and Coaster trains and bus service.

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Get A Discount

A number of shops, restaurants and historic sites offer discounts to those who take Metrolink. Be sure to explore all the deals while planning your trip!

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How To Ride

Download the Metrolink Mobile Ticketing App. Or use any ticket vending machine (TVM) at any Metrolink station with weekend service to spend the best $10 ever.

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