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Downtown Disney


Magical Downtown Disney

Metrolink is the perfect way to escape for a dose of high-energy excitement at Downtown Disney. You can easily make it a family day or an escape with friends directly from the Anaheim ARTIC station.


  1. Arrive at the station and pick up Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) bus number 14 or 15. It’s free with your Metrolink Ticket. Buses run every 20 minutes. The ride takes 30 minutes.

  2. When you get to Downtown Disney, pick up a map and plan your day of fun over a smoothie at Jamba Juice or a cupcake at Sprinkles.

  3. Take the kids to Ridemakerz so they can build their own custom model car that they can test on a track and take home!

  4. Enjoy lunch at the Rainforest Café if you have kids. Or go to Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen or Naple Ristorante e Pizzeria.

  5. Visit the second-largest Lego store in the country for the interactive play area. There's also the World of Disney store with the West Coast's largest selection of souveniers.

  6. Stop at the ESPN Zone Sports Arena and enjoy the ultimate sports arcade that features action-packed, high-tech games and activities. Leave time for a cold one before heading home.

  7. Catch ART bus number 14 or 15 back to the Anaheim ARTIC station. Leave time to pick up a soft preztel at Auntie Anne's inside the station for the ride home.

Arriving By Train

Also known as ARTIC, this breathtaking modern station provides rail, bus, taxi and other services for daily commuters, visitors and leisure travelers. This includes weekend connections to Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART).

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Get A Discount

A number of shops, restaurants and historic sites offer discounts to those who take Metrolink. Be sure to explore all the deals while planning your trip!

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How To Ride

Download the Metrolink Mobile Ticketing App. Or use any ticket vending machine (TVM) at any Metrolink station with weekend service to spend the best $10 ever.

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