Metrolink Weekends - How to Ride

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How to Ride Metrolink

Stations, schedules, and how to buy tickets.


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Metrolink Weekend

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Adults. Ride as much as you want Saturday or Sunday.


Kids age 5 and under with paying adult, limit 3 per fare.

In Person

Buying ticket in Person

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Monthly ticket holders can ride for free on weekends.

The easiest ride.

Enjoying the journey and the destination starts with a few simple steps. You’ll need to know where you are (easy) and where you’re going (many options). Check the train schedules, buy your ticket, then settle back and watch the world pass by.

Plan Your Weekend Getaway
Saturday & Sunday Schedules

Below is a schedule that'll let you pinpoint the exact moment of your getaway.

Station OC Line
OC Line
OC Line
OC Line
Oceanside 8:15am 11:24am 1:24pm 2:51pm 4:28pm 5:36pm
San Clemente Pier 8:35am 11:48am 1:43pm 3:11pm 4:47pm 5:55pm
San Clemente 8:38am 11:50am 1:46pm 3:14pm 4:50pm 5:58pm
San Juan Capistrano 8:50am 12:00pm 2:00pm 3:29pm 5:00pm 6:11pm
Laguna Niguel/
Mission Viejo
8:58am 12:08pm 2:07pm 3:37pm 5:08pm 6:19pm
Irvine 9:08am 12:19pm 2:17pm 3:48pm 5:18pm 6:29pm
Tustin 9:14am 12:25pm 2:23pm 3:55pm 5:24pm 6:35pm
Santa Ana 9:20am 12:31pm 2:29pm 4:01pm 5:30pm 6:41pm
Orange 9:25am 12:36pm 2:34pm 4:07pm 5:35pm 6:46pm
Anaheim Canyon       4:16pm 5:42pm  
West Corona       4:38pm 6:04pm  
North Main Corona       4:45pm 6:10pm  
Riverside-La Sierra       4:54pm 6:19pm  
Riverside-Downtown       5:08pm 6:33pm  
San Bernadino       5:38pm 7:13pm  
Anaheim-ARTIC 9:30am 12:41pm 2:39pm     6:51pm
Fullerton 9:37am 12:48pm 2:46pm     6:58pm
Buena Park 9:43am 12:54pm 2:52pm     7:04pm
Sante Fe Springs
9:51am 1:02pm 3:00pm     7:12pm
L.A. Union Station 10:30am 1:37pm 3:39pm     7:56pm
Station IEOC Line
OC Line
OC Line
OC Line
OC Line
L.A. Union Station   8:40am   10:50am 2:00pm 4:40pm
Sante Fe Springs
  9:02am   11:12am 2:22pm 5:02pm
Buena Park   9:09am   11:19am 2:29pm 5:09pm
Fullerton   9:15am   11:25am 2:35pm 5:15pm
Anaheim-ARTIC   9:22am   11:32am 2:42pm 5:22pm
San Bernadino 7:05am   9:00am      
Riverside-Downtown 7:25am   9:20am      
Riverside-La Sierra 7:36am   9:32am      
North Main Corona 7:44am   9:39am      
West Corona 7:49am   9:44am      
Anaheim Canyon 8:11am   10:07am      
Orange 8:22am 9:27am 10:17am 11:37am 2:47pm 5:27pm
Santa Ana 8:27am 9:32am 10:23am 11:42am 2:52pm 5:32pm
Tustin 8:34am 9:38am 10:30am 11:48am 2:58pm 5:38pm
Irvine 8:42am 9:46am 10:39am 11:56am 3:06pm 5:46pm
Laguna Niguel/
Mission Viejo
8:57am 9:56am 10:52am 12:06pm 3:16pm 5:56pm
San Juan Capistrano 9:03am 10:01am 11:00am 12:13pm 3:21pm 6:01pm
San Clemente 9:13am 10:12am 11:10am 12:25pm 3:34pm 6:15pm
San Clemente Pier 9:16am 10:15am 11:13am 12:28pm 3:36pm 6:18pm
Oceanside 9:55am 10:52am 11:50am 1:00pm 4:15pm 6:55pm
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Onboard Amenities

Computer icon

Abraham Lincoln used the table on his train to write the Gettysburg Address. How will you use yours?

Power plugs inco

Power outlets. If your device is running low on power, a few seats on each train car have outlets.

Restroom signs icon

Restrooms & drinking water. So you're covered both ways.

How to Ride

Metrolink is accessible.

Passengers with disabilities receive complete boarding assistance simply by waiting at the top of the access ramp at the end of the platform.

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