Orange County Transportation Authority

Using the TVM

Ticket vending machines make train travel easy

All Metrolink stations provide ticket vending machines (TVM'ss) for your ticket purchase. Most Metrolink TVM's accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, debit cards, and cash. Several TVMs accept credit/debit cards only. You can also purchase your tickets in advance, purchase multiple tickets at once, or use the quick ticket option to get your tickets faster.

Six easy steps using the TVM
Select origin and destination or "Special Ticket Option":
Choose the station you are traveling from and your destination station.

Select type of ticket:
TVMs offer a variety of ticket types. The ticket best suited for you depends on how often you plan to ride Metrolink. Visit the fares and passes section to view ticket options.

Select the number of tickets you want:
TVMs allow you to purchase multiple tickets, including tickets for Adults, Children, Seniors, and the Disabled.

Select your payment option:
Most Metrolink TVM's accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, debit cards, and cash. Several ticket vending machines accept credit/debit cards only.

Insert cash or swipe your credit card:
If you pay by debit card, enter your PIN and press "Enter." TVMs do not accept $100 bills.

Take your ticket and receipt.
Now you’re ready to ride!

Duplicate Tickets
To purchase several tickets for the same fare type and trip at once, speed up your transaction by using the "DUPLICATE TICKET" button on the TVM. Up to nine identical tickets may be purchased in one transaction using this button. To use:

Select the ticket type and destination.

Press the "DUPLICATE TICKET" button once for each additional ticket. The number of tickets you have selected and the total price will be displayed on the screen.

Insert cash, credit or debit card to pay for tickets.

Advance Purchase Tickets available
For your convenience you can purchase one-way or round-trip tickets for a future day, up to 1 year in advance. All you need to do is select the advance purchase option and choose the date you wish to travel and the type of ticket you wish to purchase. Your advance ticket will have the date you purchased printed on it, but no expiration time. It can still be used at any time on the day you chose to travel.
sample ticket ticket 2
Quick Ticket
The Quick Ticket process assumes that a rider will be purchasing tickets for the same station pairs repeatedly using the same credit or debit card. To use the Quick Ticket option on any of our TVMs, you must use a credit or debit card to purchase your initial ticket choice. Each Quick Ticket purchase is automatically cleared through the bank that issued the credit/debit card to the patron. A ticket will not be issued if the bank does not authorize the purchase.

Within six months of the initial purchase, you may go to any TVM and insert the same credit/debit card used for the initial purchase into the credit card reader. A message will appear "Retrieving records." Up to the last three ticket purchases made with that card within the last six months will be displayed.

By pushing the button next to the ticket type that you wish to repurchase, the TVM will charge the card and issue an updated version of that ticket type. Quick Ticket reduces the time and effort required to purchase a ticket and reduces the chance of making an incorrect choice.

For example, purchasing a monthly pass for the first time in January requires a minimum of seven different button choices. To purchase a February Monthly Pass, you simply insert your card into the TVM card reader. The TVM will automatically display the January Monthly Pass information (ticket type, station pairs, cost) next to a button choice. By pushing only one button, the TVM will charge your card and issue a February Monthly Pass. In the case of a debit card purchase, the TVM will require you to enter your debit card PIN number before the transaction can be completed.

The Quick Ticket option is available with all ticket types.

Riding Amtrak, no problem. You can buy your Amtrak ticket with the TVM!

As a result of a partnership between Metrolink, Amtrak and Caltrans, TVMs at Metrolink stations from San Diego to San Luis Obispo have the ability to sell Amtrak tickets. This added convenience means you can use Metrolink to make your Amtrak connection.