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    Kristopher Hewkin

    Marketing Specialist – Vanpool

    (714) 560-5331



    A vanpool is a group of people who save money ($250 or more per person per month often), time and stress on their commute by combining resources to lease a vehicle* and then drive it to work together on a daily basis.

    This “super carpool” requires only five riders, designated pickup location(s) and similar work destinations and work schedules. Commuters who live 15 miles or more from their worksite are prime candidates for this program.

    All vanpools are required to be American with Disabilities (ADA) compliant. Accessible vehicles are available upon request.


    How does OCTA help?

    To increase your savings, OCTA offers $400 worth of assistance per month per vanpool for those with worksites in Orange County**. This covers roughly 30-50% of the monthly lease cost.

    Are vanpools popular?

    There are roughly 530 vanpools with worksites in Orange County from over 100 different employers.

    Fact Sheet (Spanish)
    Vanpool Guidelines (Spanish)
    Fact Sheet (Vietnamese)
    Vanpool Guidelines (Vietnamese)


    *Vehicle must contain 7 or more seats (although only 5 riders are needed) and be leased through Enterprise Rideshare to qualify for program
    ** Vanpools that originate in Orange County with destinations in Riverside or San Bernardino counties are also eligible

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