Perk Pass for Employers Old

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Perk Pass for Employers Old

The Perk Pass has a lot to offer! Check it out:

  • Add an easy and inexpensive benefit your employees will appreciate
  • Save money on parking
  • Reduce tardiness and absenteeism due to car problems and traffic
  • Reduce payroll taxes by participating in a quality mass transit program
  • Simplified administrative process is done electronically

We’ll help you set it up…and give you free passes, too.

  1. Meet with us to discuss the annual Perk Pass Program and we’ll give your company 5 free daily passes (a $25 value). With these passes, employees can experience the convenience and ease of taking an OCTA bus to work.
  2. To help employees learn about the program, we’ll provide marketing materials and offer presentations.
  3. Once you have at least 10 employees, let us know and we’ll get you started. Perk Passes will be mailed out within just a few weeks.
  4. We’ll help you kick off the new program with a rideshare fair at your workplace. Of course, we'll provide ongoing support and resources to help make your program a success.
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