Perk Pass Overview

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Perk Pass Overview


Offered through employers, our annual Perk Pass Program provides affordable bus passes that reduce transportation costs and stress levels. To qualify, a company needs only 10 or more bus-riding employees.

Lowest Fare per Ride

At $1.25 per ride, the Perk Pass is an exceptional value. The maximum cost per month for each participating employee is $69, no matter how many bus trips are taken. OCTA tracks usage and sends out one simple monthly billing statement. Employers can choose to subsidize all or part of the cost or pass it on to employees – either way, everyone wins.

Here's How It Works

The Perk Pass electronic swipe-card can be used on any local OCTA fixed-route bus. When employees board a bus for work or play, they simply swipe their card in the farebox. That’s it! OCTA provides the cards for free.

Easy, Flexible, Customizable

Depending on how it’s set up, Perk Pass can result in tax breaks for employers and employees. Options include having employees pay using pre-tax dollars, having employers and employees share the cost, or having employers offer it as qualified tax benefit that helps them save on federal taxes.

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