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Abandoned Vehicles


Helping keep our streets clear of junk automobiles

Helping Orange County motorists move freely through the streets and along the freeways also means keeping them clear of vehicles that have been abandoned. These cars, trucks and trailers left for dead by the side of the road can create hazardous conditions for pedestrians, motorists and in some instances, increase traffic congestion. Orange County’s Service Authority for Abandoned Vehicles (SAAV) was created in 1991 to keep the roads clear of these unsightly vehicles.

OCTA’s Motorist Services team manages the SAAV program and oversees the allocation of funds collected from annual vehicle registration fees for the distribution to all 34 cities and the County of Orange. Over the past 20 years, SAAV has helped clear over 333,000 abandoned vehicles from our neighborhoods and off the streets.

While local police departments and the Orange County Sheriff are actively looking for these vehicles, it is helpful for residents to get involved. To report an abandoned vehicle in your city please contact your city’s police or sheriff department.

The Orange County SAAV program is just another way OCTA’s Motorist Services are help’n you get around town with ease.

Funding reports and forms
FY 2013-14 Annual Report Form and Instructions

SAAV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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