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Don't stand at the bus stop uninformed!

When will the next bus arrive? If you have a mobile phone plan that can send and receive text messages, you can find out bus arrival times within minutes. It's OCTA's award-winning Text4Next messaging service that lets you use your mobile phone to get the next three scheduled arrival times via text for your specific stop.

Since these times are based on the current trip schedules, the bus can arrive 1-2 minutes before or after the time provided.  Make sure you are at your bus stop 10 minutes prior to the time you want to catch the bus.


How it works

Phone 1

TEXT 628246

TYPE bus, your stop number and your route number.
Example: bus 3563 71

GET the next 3 scheduled bus arrival times for that stop, based on the time the text message was sent.

959a route 071
1034a route 071
1109a route 071


Times for future trips

You can also check arrival times for future trips - let's say your ride home in the afternoon. All you have to do is add the time and/or date to your information.

Same Day Example  Future Day Example
TEXT: 628246
TYPE bus 3563 71 400p 
(this indicates bus stop 3563, route 71 at or after 4:00pm)  
426p route 071
501p route 071
536p route 071 
TEXT: 628246
bus 3563 71 1100a 112212
(this indicates bus stop 3563, route 71, at or after 11:00am on November 22, 2012)
1109a route 071
1144a route 071
1219p route 071

Rules for success

Follow these simple rules to ensure you get your desired result. If you do not receive a return message in 2 minutes or receive an error message, check your input data.

  1. You must enter the key word first: bus
  2. You must enter the information in the proper order: stop number, route, time, date
  3. You must enter one space in between each piece of information.
  4. For time, you can enter any time format, but must include "a" for "am" or "p" for "pm" when entering non-military time.
  5. For date, you must enter in the following format: MMDDYY

Note: Standard message and data rates apply. Please check with your carrier on text messaging details of your plan. 

Finding stops along your route

With Text4Next, you can find out when the bus on your route is scheduled to arrive at your stop. Don't know your stop number? No problem. Click here to find the bus stop you need on the route you travel.

How do I discontinue receiving OCTA SMS messages?
Once you have subscribed to OCTA Alerts, to discontinue receiving Text4Next messages from OCTA, you will simply text “STOP” to 628246 and you will be removed from the list.

Need help?
For additional help, please text HELP to 628246, email or call our customer information center at (714)-636-RIDE (7433) or (800) 636- RIDE (7433).

Note: Standard message and data rates apply. Please check with your carrier on text messaging details of your plan.