Employer Pass

employers pass

A win-win for employees and employers
Transportation puts a big strain your company and your employees. Our Annual Employer Pass program lets your company take some of the stress out of getting your workforce to work.  Plus, when you participate in a mass transit program you can reduce your payroll taxes!

Here are some of the basics:

A swipe-card that lets employees dump the pump
OCTA's Annual Employer Pass is a swipe-card that can be used on any local OCTA bus. Employees simply swipe the card through the farebox when they get on. OCTA will supply the cards free of charge. Your company only needs 25 or more bus riders to qualify.

$1.25 per ride
Each ride costs only $1.25 per boarding (our lowest available fare) up to a maximum of just $69.00 per month, per employee, no matter how many rides are taken. Each time the card is used, the ride is tracked by OCTA's computer system and reported to the employer on a monthly billing summary.

Even better when employers pick up the tab
Many employers choose to subsidize all or part of the amount billed. Whether subsidized or not, the amount can be deducted pre-tax from the employee's paycheck, reducing the employees taxable income (another nice perk). Not only will employees save money on transportation costs, they'll enjoy these other benefits as well:

  • A stress-free commute that gets them to work on time. 
  • No monthly passes or tokens to buy. 
  • Passes are good anytime, any day, on all OCTA local bus routes. 
  • It's easy. Just swipe and go. 
  • Cards can be deactivated within 24 hours if lost or stolen. OCTA also encodes each card with an employer identifier to prevent forgery. 

Employers reap the benefits, too
Employees aren't the only ones who win. Besides making your company a better place to work, OCTA's Annual Employer Pass Program offers many other advantages to employers:

  • It's simple to administer because there are no monthly passes, tickets or tokens to distribute. Every thing is done electronically. 
  • Employers can reduce their payroll taxes by participating in a mass transit program. 
  • Fewer parking spaces must be devoted to employees, helping keep building and leasing costs down. 
  • Taking cars off the road helps reduce emissions, pollution, traffic congestion and our country's dependence on foreign oil. By participating in the program, your company becomes a better corporate citizen. 

Free Trial Offer Just for meeting with OCTA and letting us explain our Annual Employer Pass Program, we'll give your company 10 free daily passes (a $50 value). With the free passes, company employees can experience for themselves the ease and convenience of taking an OCTA bus to work.

We're also available to assist you any way we can—from individual trip planning to rideshare program support. Just give us a call at (714) 560-5358 or email us at employerpass@octa.net.