Board Actions

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Meeting of August 11, 2014

$50 Million OK’d for Street Upgrades and Signal Synchronization

The board approved $50 million for projects that will enhance street operations and reduce congestion in Orange County.

A call for projects will go out through the Measure M Regional Capacity Program (RCP) and the Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program to improve traffic flow and provide intersection improvements.

Both programs are competitive programs funded by Measure M, Orange County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements. OCTA approved up to $35 million for street projects and up to $15 million for signal synchronization projects.

The RCP funds intersection improvements and other projects to help reduce congestion and the signal synchronization program provides funding to time traffic lights on streets and roads that run through multiple cities throughout Orange County.

Funding will be awarded on a competitive process and will target projects that improve traffic flow by considering factors such as degree of congestion relief, cost effectiveness and project readiness.

Project applications are due by Oct. 24.

OCTA Will Lead the Santa Ana/Garden Grove Streetcar Project

The board approved OCTA taking over the lead role in constructing and operating the proposed Santa Ana/Garden Grove fixed-guideway project.

Since 2008, the cities of Santa Ana and Garden Grove have been working on developing the project as part of Measure M’s Project S, which intends to better connect Metrolink service to the surrounding communities. As the environmental phase, led by the cities winds down, OCTA will now take the lead on the project’s development, implementation, operations and maintenance.

OCTA’s responsibilities will include:

  • Serving as the grantee for the Federal New Starts Program,
  • Serving as lead agency for the continued project development, engineering, and construction,
  • Owning, operating, and maintaining the system,
  • Procuring all services necessary to implement the project,
  • Providing annual operating subsidy net of farebox, city contribution, and other revenues.

Project construction is estimated to be completed by 2019.

OCTA Approves $20 Million for Projects to Improve Road Conditions

The board approved $20 million to go toward pavement improvement projects for local cities to keep Orange County street conditions among the best in California.

With the board’s action, OCTA will put the call out to cities and the county to fund projects through the Arterial Pavement Management Program. The federal Regional Surface Transportation Program funds the $20 million to help local agencies maintain, preserve or repair streets and pavement.

The program was established in 1991 to provide flexible funding that may be used to preserve and improve conditions and performance on any highway, bridge or tunnel projects on any public road, pedestrian or bicycle infrastructure.

Agencies may submit multiple project applications, and approved projects will receive between $250,000 and $500,000. Agencies are required to provide a minimum of 50 percent in matching funds. Ready-to-go projects will be funded in fiscal year 2015-2016.

Eligible projects include:

  • Construction
  • Bike lanes
  • Bus Turnouts
  • Repair or replacement of parking lanes, curbs, gutters, driveway approaches, catch basins, and minor profile revisions
  • Construction or modification of curb ramps to satisfy Americans with Disabilities Act requirements

Applications are due to OCTA by Sept. 26.