Audit Plan and Reports

Audit Plan and Quarterly Updates

Fiscal Year 2013-14

FY13-14 Audit Plan 
1st Qtr Update
2nd Qtr Update


Fiscal Year 2012-13

 FY12-13 Audit Plan 
1st Qtr Update


Fiscal Year 2011-12

 FY11-12 Audit Plan 
 1st Qtr Update

Audit Reports


Fiscal Year 2013 - 14

11-13-13 Review of Administrative Employee Overtime
11-13-13 Review of Bus Advertising Revenue Program and Agreement with Titan Outdoor, LLC
08-28-13 Audit of State Transportation Improvement Program Planning, Programming, and Monitoring Program, Grant Year 2010-11
09-25-13 Review of Flexicble Spending Account Program
10-09-13 Investments - Compliance Controls and Accounting Review January 1 through June 30 2013

Fiscal Year 2012 - 13

07-11-12 Limited Scope Review of Greater Southern California Towing, Inc
08-08-12 Financial and Compliance Audits of Nine Combined Transportation Funding Program Projects
08-08-12 Orange County Employees Retirement System Review of Orange County Transportation Authority Payroll Transmittals
09-12-12 State Transportation Improvement Program Planning, Programming, and Monitoring Program, Financial and Compliance Audit, Fiscal Year 2009-10
09-26-12 Review of the Transit Division Schedule Check Function and the Agreement with Southland Car Counters, Incorporatede
10-24-12 Employment and Compensation Review
11-14-12 Review of Grievance and Arbitration Process
01-28-13 Investments Compliance, Controls, and Accounting Review, January 1 through June 30, 2012
02-27-13 Review of Wholesale Pass Sales
03-13-13 Performance Audit of Measure M2 Environmental Mitigation Program
03-13-13 Review of Orange County Taxi Administration Program Operations
04-10-13 Review of Agreement No. C-8-0728 with ShelterCLEAN, Inc.
04-24-13 Investments Compliance, Controls, and Reporting, July 1 through December 31, 2012
04-24-13 Review of Cooperative Agreements with Adult Day Heathcare Agencies for Paratransit Services
05-22-13 Review of Investment Management Contracts for the Bond Proceeds Portfolio
06-26-13 Limited Review of the Orangethorpe Railroad Corridor Grade Separation Projects
06-26-13 Review of Information Systems Hardware

Annual Financial and Compliance Reports

Fiscal Year 2013

Fiscal Year 2012

Peer Review

External Quality Control Review of the Orange County Transportation Authority Internal Audit Department 

State & Federal Triennial Audits

State Triennial Audit

FY10-FY12 TDA Performance Audit Orange County Transportation Authority
FY10-FY12 TDA Performance Audit Laguna Beach Municipal Transit Lines