Orange County Transportation Authority

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  • Board Actions

    • Meeting of October 10, 2016
      • El Toro Road Interchange Project Heads into Environmental Phase
      • OCTA Keeps Active Transportation Program Rolling
    • Employees of the month for September honored

      The OCTA Board approved a cooperate agreement with Caltrans to move the interchange project at I-5 and El Toro Road into the environmental phase. Under the agreement, Caltrans will prepare the project report and environmental document, which will be funded through OCTA. 

      The El Toro Road Interchange Project is a part of the Measure M program, the half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements that was approved by voters in 2006. The project will ease congestion, improve mobility and accommodate future traffic demand. Planned work includes widening the local roads, modifying entrance and exit ramps and modifying or replacing bridges.

      The environmental work is scheduled to start later this year and be finished by 2019.

    • OCTA Keeps Active Transportation Program Rolling

      An update on OCTA’s Active Transportation efforts was presented to the board, highlighting the work that has been completed to date, dedicated funding and plans to create a countywide plan.

      During the past several years, OCTA has placed a priority on planning and funding active transportation projects to build, improve and connect bikeways and pedestrian projects throughout the county. Planning efforts have identified 41 regional corridors that are a total of 500 miles. To date, those corridors are 60 percent built and it’s estimated that an additional $400 million is necessary for their completion.

      Since 2012, $73 million in funding has been dedicated by OCTA to active transportation projects throughout the county. And beginning early next year, OCTA will work with cities, the county and regional partners to develop a countywide Active Transportation Plan. This plan will incorporate all of the efforts already undertaken to develop regional bikeways plans and it will better position local agencies for future funding.

      In addition, OCTA’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee has developed a number of suggestions that could be implemented to enhance mobility and safety at freeway interchanges. The suggestions range from incorporating lights, signs and street markings to reconfiguring interchanges, to incorporating raised crosswalks and speed humps.

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