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  • Board Actions

    • Meeting of March 12, 2018
      • OCTA Commemorates 15 Years of the 91 Express Lanes
      • 2018 CEO Initiatives and Action Plan Presented
      • Toll Lanes System Integrator Contractor Selected
    • OCTA Commemorates 15 Years of the 91 Express Lanes

      OCTA commemorated 15 years of operating the 91 Express Lanes with a video highlighting the benefits of the facility, the funding it has generated for additional improvements in the area and the significant amount of time it has saved drivers over the years. When OCTA purchased the 91 Express Lanes in 2003, from the private company that built them, it removed a non-compete clause making it possible to invest excess toll revenue in the area. Since that time, OCTA has spent $28.9 million in toll revenues on highway and transit improvements including adding lanes to SR-91 and funding Metrolink service. Last year, the Riverside County Transportation Commission extended the 91 Express Lanes 8-miles into Riverside County, adding to the original 10-miles. Watch the video here:

    • OCTA Looking to Clean Up Transportation-related Pollution

      The board approved $2.8 million to help improve water quality throughout Orange County and is looking for local agencies to propose projects that will utilize the funding.  The Environmental Cleanup Program is part of Measure M, now known as OC Go, and dedicates 2 percent of gross revenue from the voter-approved half-cent sales tax for reducing and cleaning transportation-generated pollution.

      The current call for projects is intended to reduce visible forms of pollutants such as litter and debris, which collect on roadways. The funding goes toward purchase and upgrading equipment to prevent the pollutants from making their way from storm drains to the ocean. OCTA will offer two workshops, along with one-on-one meetings, to assist local agencies with the application process. Applications are due by May 18 and the funding awards are expected to be approved by the board this summer.  

      OCTA’s Environmental Cleanup Program awards funds competitively to local agencies in a two-tiered approach and projects must demonstrate a direct connection to a reduction of transportation-related pollution and meet Clean Water Act standards. Tier one funds equipment and upgrades to existing storm drains. Tier two consists of funding for regional, potential multi-jurisdictional, and capital-intensive projects. To date the tier-one program has funded 154 projects, totaling approximately $20 million and 22 tier-two projects, totaling approximately $28 million.

      During this call for projects, two workshops will be offered along with one-on-one meetings by appointment, to help assist local agencies with the application process. Applications are due by May 18 and awards will be approved by the board and available starting July 1.

    • Caltrans Plans Eastbound SR-22 Safety Improvement Project

      An update was given on the progress of the SR-22 Safety Improvement Project by Caltrans. The project is aimed at reducing the number and severity of collisions in the area where the SR-22, I-5 and SR-57 converge. Caltrans intends to modify the eastbound SR-22 configuration to help alleviate the congestion that occurs. A new access point will be made on SR-22 to northbound I-5 and SR-57, as well as widening the connector to three lanes.

      The project’s construction will be funded using $11 million in State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) funds. The project design is expected to be completed by May and construction bids will be released in August. Public outreach will be conducted with construction expected in January 2019 and completion planned for January 2021.

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