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  • Board Actions

    • Meeting of January 23, 2017
      • Board Recognizes Employees of the Month for January
      • OCTA Board Strategic Initiatives Announced
      • OC Streetcar Project Takes the Right-of-Way in Santa Ana
      • Board Receives Plans for OC Bus 360° Next Steps
    • Board Recognizes Employees of the Month for January

      The Orange County Transportation Authority’s board of directors recognized three employees of the month for January.

      • Richard Wong, Coach Operator
      • Ivan Velarde, Maintenance
      • Nicolette La Piana, Administration
    • OCTA Board Strategic Initiatives Announced

      OCTA Chair Michael Hennessey unveiled the OCTA board’s five strategic initiatives for 2017, placing focus on advancing capital projects, improving the transit system to better meet the county’s needs and maximizing funding opportunities.

      The strategic initiatives include:

      • Breaking ground on the I-405 Improvement Project
      • Continuing to implement the OC Bus 360° program
      • Advancing the OC Streetcar project
      • Integrating technology solutions
      • Ensuring fiscal sustainability

      Each of the five initiatives outlines specific projects that are targeted for completion by the end of the year.

    • OC Streetcar Project Takes the Right-of-Way in Santa Ana

      The board approved an agreement with the city of Santa Ana for use of public right-of-way for the construction, operation and maintenance of the OC Streetcar Project.

      The OC Streetcar will operate on a 4.1-mile route from the busy Santa Ana train station, up Santa Ana Boulevard and Fourth Street and along the Pacific Electric right-of-way to Harbor Boulevard in Garden Grove. The route will also connect with 18 of OCTA’s busiest bus routes and Metrolink commuter rail. It is expected to carry up to 7,500 passengers per day within its first year of operation.

      This agreement between the city and OCTA will last for 50 years, with the option of a 20-year extension. Through the agreement, OCTA will have control over the OC Streetcar, the tracks and the 10 feet of surrounding area. The city must secure permits for any work within OCTA’s work site limits.

    • Board Receives Plans for OC Bus 360° Next Steps

      The OCTA board received an update on OC Bus 360°, a program focused on sustaining bus ridership through initiatives including the reduction of passenger travel times, improvements to travel speeds and designing services to benefit existing customers as well as potential customers.

      Last year brought major changes to the bus system including mobile ticketing, fare reduction, a bus app for smartphones and grants for the new Bravo! line. New branding as well as changes to routes were also part of the effort to improve the system last year. Although ridership was still down from previous years, OCTA continues working on meeting the needs of current and future riders.

      The next steps of OC Bus 360°, which will be implemented this year include:

      • Continuing 15-minute peak period frequencies on high-demand corridors
      • Implement more weekend services in high-demand areas to respond to changing  employment patterns
      • Replace low-productivity routes with alternatives including on-demand services from private providers like Lyft and Uber, taxi cabs, as well as utilizing shuttles and vanpools.
      • Evaluate opportunities to increase revenues
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