Environmental Sustainability - Climate Adaptation and Resiliency

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Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Strategy

In anticipation of changing and unforeseen environmental circumstances, OCTA is committed to proactively responding by planning for climate adaptation and creating more resilient infrastructures. OCTA is also dedicated to minimizing its own contributions to climate change by integrating principles of environmental sustainability throughout the organization that improve the planet, support society, and promote prosperity.


OCTA is developing a Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Strategy that:
  • Supports the CEO & Board Initiative
  • Provides informal and internal gap analysis
  • Highlights importance of preparing for climate change
  • Inventories what OCTA owns and operates
  • Provides high-level assessment of potential climate hazards
  • Outlines best practices to mitigate climate risks
  • Includes Sustainability section
  • Demonstrates how OCTA is lessening its contribution to climate change

To support the strategy, an internal Climate Resiliency and Sustainability Team was formed that includes representation from each division to maintain agency-wide collaboration and communication.

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