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2007 91 Annual Report


91 Express Lanes 91 Express 2007 Annual Report



As you will see as you scroll through it, the 91 Express Lanes Fiscal Year 2006-2007 Annual Report is quite different.  Subtitled “The Amazing True Tales of the 91 Express Lanes,” the report includes specific examples of how the 91 Express Lanes is improving the lives of Southern California motorists every day.  The report highlights the strides made this year in technology, safety, customer satisfaction and service — and how OCTA is helping the 91 Express Lanes reach new heights of efficiency and value.


Click here to view an interactive version of the 2007 Annual Report.Click here for a downloadable version.


In the past fiscal year, OCTA completed a $1.6 million major repavement project, replaced the yellow channelizers and restriped lanes to help make the 91 Express Lanes faster and safer. Today, the 91 Express Lanes continues to offer drivers a timesaving alternative for the commute to and from Orange County. The four-lane, 10-mile toll road is fully automated with congestion based pricing to accommodate increasing traffic volume. Many motorists discovered the fast, safe, and reliable commute the lanes provided.


More than 14.6 million vehicle trips were logged during fiscal year 2007--a 3.2-percent increase over the previous fiscal year and a historic high for vehicle volume on the 91 Express Lanes. Total operating revenues rose to more than $49.8 million — an increase of 12.7 percent over the previous fiscal year. The number of 91 Express Lanes transponders also increased by 3 percent — from 171,589 to 176,818.


Overall, the 91 Express Lanes continues to be financially stable, with increased motorist demand and revenues. In addition, the high bond ratings translate into less interest and better profitability, with excess funds made available for the 91 corridor improvements. We are proud of the progress that has been made on the 91 Express Lanes during the past year and hope that you will find this report interesting and informative.


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